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Elementary school or commonly abbreviated (SD) at this time of course the education system already uses the 2013 Curriculum or (K13).

In which this curriculum is a learning system established by the Government directly to replace the previous curriculum, namely 2006.

That way every teacher who teaches elementary school (SD) grades 1 to 6 is obliged to be able to use a K13 Report Card Application.

This will be able to help teachers to recap grades of elementary school students from grades 1 to 6.

That way, the teacher will be easier when working on report cards through the MS Excel application that has been made compared manually.

What is the K13 SD Report Card Application

What is the K13 Report Card Application? can it be learned easily and used easily by elementary school teachers? or is it mandatory to be accompanied by someone who already understands IT ?.

Of course, this is not necessary, because this application is made specifically for elementary school teachers to make their work easier.

It is enough for you to study or pay attention to this application 1 to 2 times then maybe you will immediately understand using this application.

What is meant by the application of curriculum 13 this one is not a software that must be installed first, but this application is based on MS Excel which has been set in such a way.

This application was made so that teachers, especially from elementary schools, can easily recap student scores.

When compared to usual or manually, it will certainly take a long time to recap students’ grades, but by using this application you will quickly recap grades.

Advantages of Using the K13 SD Report Card Application

Below we have summarized some of the advantages of using the curriculum report report 13 application.

Some of the superior features of using the curriculum 13 report card application that we provide above are.

  1. Free without any usage fees

We provide this application for elementary school teachers for free, teachers can use this application freely and freely.

Not infrequently this application is sold and bought by some people who want to profit, but by downloading from our site you will get it for free.

  1. The display is easy to understand

It doesn’t take long to understand the features of this application.

Basically this report card application is almost like manual report cards in general, so this application is very easy to understand.

  1. Light file size

The light file size will not take up much memory on your device.

With a light size, this digital report card application is very stable when used.

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