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In this all-digital era, it allows humans to work quickly and practically using the help of technology.

Including those of you who are teachers, to facilitate your work in the field of assessment you can take advantage of computer technology.

By using computer technology to recap your students’ grades, your job will definitely be much easier.

The Curriculum 13 Report Card application does have many versions, but you need to be careful in choosing the application, because not all of them are easy to use.

By using the report card application that we provide, you (teachers) can quickly make student assessments easily without having to manual as usual.

This application is not a software, but based on MS Excel where the report card document is neatly set up so that it is easy to understand.

By using this application, you teachers will no longer find it difficult to recap student scores.

K13 High School Report Card Application Features

There are many important features provided in this application, these features will make it easier for you to recap student scores.

But here we will summarize just a few of the features contained in the report card application that we provide.

Some of the features of the K13 High School Report Card Application that we provide are as follows.

  • Determination in filling in student grades that are easy to understand even by those of you who are beginners.
  • Provides an automatic value description.
  • Provide a description formulation in accordance with the guidebook published at the Directorate General of Education.
  • Determining the Automatic Value interval, with reference to a Single KKM or Multiple KKM or (Multi KKM).
  • Determination in Extracurricular Value, Achievement and providing homeroom records in detail.
  • Provide report cards from odd to even Semeter in 1 application.
  • Provide DKN by displaying the Rank value.
  • Provide an explanation of the feature data.
  • Easily delete unused or unimportant data.

Those were some of the features provided in this application, there are still many other features that you can find out if you already have and use the application.

Advantages of Using the K13 High School Report Card Application

Below we have summarized some of the advantages of using the curriculum report report 13 application.

Some of the superior features of using the curriculum 13 report card application that we provide above are.

  1. Not Complicated Value Filling

By using the application that we provide, your work will certainly be a little easier.

Because to fill in student grades you only need to fill in the data column that has been provided.

That way you don’t have to bother creating columns or student grade data manually anymore.

  1. Free without any usage fees

We provide this application for elementary school teachers for free, teachers can use this application freely and freely.

Not infrequently this application is sold and bought by some people who want to profit, but by downloading from our site you will get it for free.

  1. Display is easy to understand

It doesn’t take long to understand the features of this application.

Basically this report card application is almost like manual report cards in general, so this application is very easy to understand.

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