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In playing games, not a few people use cheats, usually games where many people cheat in FPS games, including Free Fire, PUBG, Rules of Survival, and others, they usually use the Bellara VIP Apk application to activate the cheat.

Because for them using cheats makes it easier to win the game, where by using cheats we can find out all enemies, either hiding or walking.

The Bellara VIP Mod Apk application is one application that is widely used by cheaters, because there is a cheat menu that can be activated.

Who tries not to know this application where newbies or beginners use it a lot to win matches.

There are also those who use scripts, but it’s less profitable because other players can immediately know that we are using a cheat.

However, it is different from the Bellara VIP Apk Diamond application where we can arrange whether to activate or not activate the cheat.

However, there are several accounts that have been banned for using this cheat, but the developer of this application has further updated this application so that it is not easy for game developers to bully.

So for those of you who want to download the application, you can scroll through this article until you find the “DOWNLOAD” button for the Bellara application.

Review the Bellara VIP Apk Application

If you have ever used the mod menu application from MPG, then this apk is not much different from that application, so in this application you can find several types of cheats in just one application.

Now a lot of players use cheats just to play Free Fire and the intense competition makes many people willing to do it even though they have to be willing to have their free fire accounts banned.

Bellara VIP Apk was created by a developer named Bellara lrx where he put several free fire game cheats in just one application.

Even though the official free fire party strictly prohibits the players from using this application, many players still use this application.

Why are many players still using it, right? They think that instead of being laughed at because playing is not good, it’s better to take a shortcut, namely using cheats.

Because for them, this application can help them to play better and be able to carry their team to win.

In addition to cheats to make the game easier, this application can also add diamonds for free and there are no limits, cool isn’t it.

Unlike the case with using Codashop Mod, and Prizat, which only provide free diamonds and no other cheats.

The advantages of Bellara VIP Mod Apk

Of course, each application has its own advantages and characteristics, and its advantages are as follows.

Aim Zoom

The advantage of Aim Zoom is that it is useful to enlarge the target from the shot where it makes it easier for you to shoot the enemy’s head.

Auto Headshot

The advantage of this feature is that it makes it easier for novice players to shoot the enemy’s head, the advantage of auto headshot is that it saves more bullets and makes the enemy unable to return fire.

Anti Tire

Because the developer of this application has updated the application several times, making this application less prone to being banned, which makes users more flexible in using this application.

Ghost Mode

This advantage is very useful when we are trapped by an enemy, the advantage of this mode is that we can suddenly disappear from the enemy’s view and make you safe from the trap.

Aim Spot

Similar to some of the advantages above, these advantages can make it easier for you to play FF ​​games. Because you will automatically get the point where your enemy is without looking for enemies.

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