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FaceApp Pro Apk is an application that is currently booming. With this application, you can edit your face to know better or become a child.

FaceAp pro has lots of cool filters and effects that you can use for the photos you have.

Not only can you make your faces older or become children, this application can also blind your face to turn into a man or a woman. This is one proof that the current technological development is very fast.

The sophistication of technology makes a lot of changes in every application we use. Having this really unique photo makes people wonder how to make a cool photo.

This FaceApp Apk has many versions, of course there are slight differences. For example, if you use the application with the free version, maybe you will get a few filters or effects provided and the results of the editing also have a watermark on the side of your photo.

However, if you use an application with the Pro APK version, surely you have lots of advanced features provided. You can also remove watermarks from the edited photos. And you won’t see annoying advertisements in this application.

You can use this application completely free of charge, and this application is already available in the Google Playstore. However, for those of you who want to use the pro version of the application you have to spend a little money to subscribe.

If you don’t want to spend money, you can try the FaceApp Pro Mod APK that we have provided for free in this article.

Before you download the application, it’s a good idea to first look at the explanation of the features and effects provided in this application.

FaceApp Pro APK

FaceApp pro is an application that is used to edit your face to be different. For example, if you are a boy, you can change your face to be a girl, or become a person or a baby.

You can also directly share it on your social media, such as Facebook, Instagram or others. And you can make people how to edit it be cooler like that.

With this application you don’t need to use other applications to edit or change your browser. Because in this FaceApp you only need a few filters to be able to change your face to be cooler.

FaceApp Mod Apk features

This application is very much used by people to get really cool photos. By adding some filters or effects that have been provided in the application. Below are the features provided in FaceApp Pro Mod, including the following.

  1. No Watermark

Usually, if you have finished photo editing, you will get a photo that has a watermark on the corner of the image. But this is if you are using the free version of the application.

Unlike the mod version of the application, you can remove watermarks that will interfere with the photos you are editing.

  1. Unlimited Filters

Usually filters or effects are the main essence of face editing applications, just like FaceApp pro too. You will get lots of filters that have been provided if you use the application with the mod version.

Filters will make your photos cooler and can also beautify your face.

  1. Unlocked All Features

If you use the application with the Mod APK version, you can open all the features in the application for free. So by opening all the available features, it will be easier for you to edit your photo pad.

  1. Hair Color and Style

Maybe you are very curious about this feature, right? If you use this color filter and hair color, you can change your hair style or dye your hair in various colors like red, yellow, green, blue or dye all the colors into a rainbow.

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