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Facebook Lite has many advantages, especially in terms of business. This makes FB Lite users growing day by day until now.

You can access Facebook by logging into the website using a computer.

But you can also access it via an application that you must first install on your cellphone.

The FB Lite Mod Apk application has a fairly large size, from that large size it’s no wonder many people complain because their cellphones don’t have enough space.

If your cellphone doesn’t have enough space or you want a lightweight Facebook application,

So on this occasion we will provide the Facebook Lite Mod application which is light in size and stable when used.

What is Facebook Lite Mod?

Facebook Lite or what is often called FB Lite is a very lightweight Facebook application compared to the main version of FB.

Even though it has a very light size, FB Lite still has all the existing features like the main Facebook.

Even this FB Lite application doesn’t need the help of the Messenger application to send messages.

Because FB Lite immediately has the Messenger feature in the application.

Surely this gives a different impression from the main FB application.

Mainly FB requires its users to download the Messenger application to be able to send messages.

Surely this will be very inconvenient for users, especially if the cellphone used does not have enough storage space, this will certainly be even more troublesome right.

Therefore, Facebook released a lightweight application to satisfy users who use cellphones with limited space.

The application is Facebook Lite, even though it is light in size, you will still get features that are similar to the main FB.

Facebook Lite Mod Apk Features

If you think the size of the application is light, the features you get will be few, then that thinking is definitely wrong.

You will get unique and cool features which will certainly be useful for you.

With useful features it will make you free to play FB, if you are already curious about any features.

So below are the Facebook Lite features that you will enjoy.

  1. Elegant Home Display

By using FB Lite you will get an elegant homepage look similar to the Samsung Note 9.

The elegant appearance will make you feel at home playing FB for a long time, so you won’t get bored easily anymore.

  1. On Screen Effects

You can create unique effects on your cellphone screen when playing FB Lite, this will give you a different impression.

FB Lite Mod provides various effects on the screen display that are very interesting and cool, of course.

With this feature, it will make you feel more at home playing FB, so you won’t get bored easily anymore.

You can make various animations in your FB Lite, for example the animation is like. Make snow animation, Make falling leaf animation, Make money falling animation and many more.

  1. Update the Status to be Unique

By using FB Lite you will get a different experience when playing FB.

You can create a unique status, such as creating a colorful background, to changing the font to the shape you want.

The effect when you create a status is not only that but there are many more, which you will know if you have installed the application.

Those are some of the features that you will get when using the FB Lite application, other features you can find out if you have installed the application.

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