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In today’s digital era, the use of social media is certainly increasingly popular with many people of all ages.

This has also certainly happened to social media such as Facebook, which has long been released, namely from 2004.

This application developed by Mark Zuckerberg can attract the hearts of its users, numbering billions and hundreds of millions of active users around the world.

Now, Facebook has grown very rapidly and has many types.

You can choose it according to your needs and the cellphone capacity you have.

If you want to have a lightweight FB application, then you can download the latest, lightest GB Facebook Mod APK.

The size of this application is very light so it can be used on all mobile devices.

What is GB Facebook?

The Facebook application that has been present for your cellphone now has very complete features.

Where this has been improved again by supporting messages, namely Messenger, which you can use as a chat media in the form of individuals or groups.

So, it’s no wonder that almost all cellphone users use FB to share their moments and news every day.

In fact, in the current era, FB is used as a medium of sale and purchase, with the number of groups in the millions and hundreds of millions of active users.

It is not enough that many of the features that have been present on FB and Messenger still feel that they are not enough.

So, there is the new GB Facebook Mod application which is made with a special system, this application is designed with many advantages.

The advantages of using GB Facebook

Each application must have its own advantages, such as the GB Facebook application on this one.

This application has a lot of advantages and by using this application you will be free to play social media.

Some of the benefits that you will get by using this application are as follows.

  1. Without Google Account Verification

If usually after installing an application, of course you will be required to first verify the application that you installed with a Google account.

But with you using this application you don’t need to bother doing that anymore.

After installing the application you will immediately be able to use it, that way you are no longer a hassle if you don’t have a Google account.

  1. Light Application Size

For those of you who use phones with mediocre RAM capacity, of course, it will be very important if you use this application.

This application is only 3 MB in size so this application can be used on any cellphone, and with a light size this application can run stably.

  1. Different Views

Facebook actually has the same theme appearance – that’s all, this is sure to make users feel bored,

However, if you use the GB Facebook application, you can easily change the appearance of the theme in this application.

The appearance of the theme that is owned by this application is very diverse, this will make you not feel bored with that appearance – that’s all.

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