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In today’s modern era, of course almost everyone has a social media account. There is one social media that is widely used, namely Instagram.

Even now you can also find an Instagram Mod application that can provide many advantages.

When compared to the original Instagram application. Instagram that has been modified is definitely not an official application,

This application was developed by a third party which aims to provide its users with more features than the original application.

By using the GB Instagram or IG Mod application, users will be free to play social media.

But you need to be careful when choosing modified applications, because not all modified applications are safe for you to use.

It’s different if you get a modified application from our website, because we provide the latest mod applications so they don’t get banned easily.

For example, the GB Instagram application that we provide, this application is very safe for you to use, and also use this application without having to root the cellphone.

So we can say that this application is very rare because the application we provide is safe and does not require root access.

GB Instagram review

As we previously explained, GB Instagram is an original Instagram application that has been revamped or developed so that there are many additional features in it.

So you can make various kinds of changes that cannot be made by other people who use the original version of Instagram.

To use the GB Instagram application, the cellphone you are using does not need to be rooted.

And also this application has a size that is relatively light than the original version of the Instagram application.

So this application can be used on all types of cellphones provided that the cellphone is based on 4.0, but in the present era it is certain that every cellphone is based on 4.0 so you can use this application.

This application is also very suitable for those of you who want to stalk the account of your ex or friend without being noticed.

By using this application you can activate a feature which if you see your friend’s IG Story without being noticed.

And there are many more advantages available in this GB IG application which we will summarize for you below.

The advantages of GB Instagram

There are various advantages available in this application, you will definitely not find these features in the original application.

With the advantages that exist in this application, it will make users feel at home in playing social media.

Some of the advantages of GB Instagram that we have summarized for you are as follows.

  1. View Unknown Story

As we explained earlier, you can use this application for stalking your friends without fear of being caught.

This advantage is what causes this application to be widely used, with this feature you can freely play social media.

So this application is of course very suitable for those of you who want to stalk – stalk your ex or your friends.

  1. Hiding Online

With this feature, it will certainly be useful for you, so that other people won’t know if you are online.

This feature is perfect for those of you who are afraid of knowing your crush or boyfriend that you are online.

Many people say goodbye to their crush or girlfriend but actually they want to open Instagram, so this application is perfect for those of you like that.

  1. Automatic translation

Instagram is an application used by billions of people around the world. So it’s not surprising to have an automatic translation feature like the Facebook Lite Mod application.

But unfortunately the original Instagram application doesn’t have this feature, so many users have trouble, but you don’t need to worry anymore because the GB IG application has this feature.

This feature is certainly very useful for you, because with this feature you no longer need to open Google translate to translate captions on people’s status.

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