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The appearance of Instagram Mod Apk is very helpful for Instagram users who feel bored quickly. Especially if the appearance and features of Instagram are the same. This modified Instagram application has added a variety of sophisticated and complete features.

For example, in terms of storage, other people’s posts, even the quality of the IG story that looks like an iPhone. The use of the mod version is much more attractive to IG users, compared to the original version. The reason is because there are far more mod features.

Review Instagram Mod

Modified Instagram is the latest Instagram application that has been updated or modified. This is so that the Instagram application can spoil its users with a different look.

It even makes it easy for users to upload photos and videos with maximum quality. By using this Instagram Mod, you can create an IG Story without fear of being blurry and broken like the GB Instagram feature.

It also really depends on the camera and chipset specifications on the smartphone you are using. This modified Instagram has plus-plus features that can be enjoyed for free.

For that, if you are curious about what features are available in it, then you can immediately download the application.

The advantages of Instagram Mod

Every advantage that this modified Instagram application has is thanks to the features it has. The more features there are, the more it will spoil Instagram mod users. What are the advantages? Here is the explanation:

  1. Create or change themes according to taste

The first advantage that you can find from the modified Instagram application is a feature in the form of changing or creating your own theme. Modified Instagram has a theme server that is intentionally provided by the developer.

For that, you can choose from several existing themes. With a variety of theme choices, it can change the appearance to be more attractive and less boring. In addition, Instagram modification users can also make edits to the appearance of the theme.

  1. Downloading Videos or Photos Without the 3rd Application

The second advantage that you can find is the process of downloading videos and photos directly. This means you don’t need any third-party applications. Of course this makes users more practical when they want to get videos or photos from Instagram.

How to use it is also very easy, because users only need to find the download option in the video or photo section. After that click on download and the download process will run faster.

  1. Viewing the Story without being detected

This mod version of Instagram has advantages that are the target of social media lovers. This privacy feature is perfect for those of you who like stalking other people, including being curious about their exes. Take it easy! You can see their status or story without fear of being detected.

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