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Bus Simulator Indonesia is one of the most popular games, where currently players are fond of making their own bus designs. It turns out that this can be done using an application called Livery Bussid.

Besides being able to design your own, you can also choose a variety of cool designs that are already in the application. How to use it is also fairly easy, even all of them are freely available for you to use.

Review of Livery Bussid Simulator Indonesia

If you are interested in using the livery application to design your bus, then know the features in the application first. Broadly speaking, the features can be grouped as follows:

  1. Complete Vehicle Type

You can choose your own bus vehicle, such as the HDD bus, SHD, XHD, and many others. Then adjust it to the theme or design you want, this way the design that is loaded will be neater and also good.

What’s more, you can also modify your own bus, then show the bus design results in the Bus Simulator Indonesia game.

  1. Current Design Options

If you don’t want the hassle of designing your own bus, then choose a variety of designs that are available in this application. Call it the designs of the Sumatra, Eka, Harapan Jaya, Srikandi buses, and so on.

There are also various themes or colors that you can combine, then create your own bus design easily and quickly.

  1. Various Tools

In addition, in this application you will find a variety of various tools, which can be used to design a bus as desired. Such as color tools, logos, patterns, writing, and many others.

  1. Download your design

After your Livery Bussid design is ready, then you can download the design that you have created. Here you can share it on social media or directly use it in the Bus Simulator Indonesia game.

Bus design download options are also very diverse, ranging from JPG, PNG, to document files. So that the design can also be applied to buses in the real world.

Livery Bus Simulator features

Actually there are lots of livery applications on the Playstore, where each application has its own advantages.

But for those of you who want to design more freely, then use the bussid mod version of the Livery application. Here are the advantages:

  1. Enjoy Premium Design For Free

Some of the Livery Bussid applications do have premium paid features, but by using the Livery mod application, everything can be enjoyed for free. No exception to the premium designs it offers.

Now you can download cool designs without having to spend any money, of course, premium designs are better and of higher quality. Show off the design to your friends and play in the Bus Simulator game.

  1. Download More Themes

In addition to the premium design, the Livery mod application also offers a wider variety of themes. Whether it’s nature, animal, abstract, painting, sea, and many more to choose from. Here you can combine various writings or objects that you create yourself.

Also combine it with a unique pattern or logo in the application, so that it produces a good design and nothing else matches it. This is sure to make your bus look really cool in front of other players in the Bus Simulator Indonesia game.

  1. Better Quality

In terms of quality, of course, the Livery mod application is better, where you can make a wider and more detailed design. Even when applied to the Bus Simulator game, it is almost perfect and has no gaps at all.

You will not find stickers or design drawings that deviate from the bus body, because they have been completely adapted to the type of bus you are using. For example, the HDD, SDD, or SHD bus.

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