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Maybe some of you who play the Free Fire game or often called FF are annoyed with the players who use the Regedit Pro Team FF Ruok cheat.

You feel annoyed because you are playing a game when you suddenly get killed and out of nowhere and where is the person who killed you.

It turns out that he uses this cheat as a portable program or a useful application to make it easier for you to achieve something in the Free Fire game play.

For those of you who are curious about what Regedit Pro Team FF Ruok is, you can watch this article carefully.

Review of Regedit Pro Apk Ruok

Review Regedit Pro Apk Ruok is a Citer FF application that is widely used today.

This application provides its own pleasure in using it such as killing from a distance and even being lost invisible to other players.

But of course it’s great if you play the game Free Fire to get “Booyah!” and thwarted by cheater players.

And you want to use cheats but are afraid because many people scoff at the term “Skill Download” which makes you feel inferior.

Regedit Pro Apk Features Ruok

There are many advantages to the features of this cheat application because the main purpose is to add features that do not exist in pure FF.

Well, here are the features that you can use after installing Regedit Pro Apk Ruok:

  • 23MS Anti Lag.
  • Anti Cheat.
  • Wall Hack
  • Anti Banned.
  • Anti Alliance.
  • AIM Headshot 90%.
  • 1000 Sensi.
  • 2000 DPI.
  • Poison.
  • Fix Lag Rusher V5.

Of course, this is just a part of its features that you can activate at the same time.

Because if you activate many features simultaneously, your cellphone will experience a Force Close, this is a situation where you exit all applications that are running suddenly.

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