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Tahu Bulat Mod Apk is a type of cooking game that offers light gameplay, but still provides excitement when played.

The player takes the role of a round tofu seller and the same as the round tofu seller you meet on the side of the road.

This game was inspired by a round tofu seller in Indonesia who usually goes around using a pick-up car. It is also equipped with a song that calls out to its customers with the phrase “tofu is fried suddenly 500s”.

Features of the Tahu Bulat Mod Apk Application

  1. Free From Ads

Although it can be played for free, this Tahu Bulat game is free from advertisements. This feature is the advantage of the Tahu Bulat Mod game. Games that are free of advertisements certainly make the players feel happier and freer.

  1. Unlimited Money

This feature can be felt and used by players so that they can get more money. You are free to use the money to make any purchases. Including buying cooking spices in order to increase the selling price of round tofu.

  1. Bonuses earned

Each player has the opportunity to get various types of bonuses. You can activate the bonus time just by tapping 22 times. Meanwhile, the bonus time of 10 seconds is much longer.

For the multipair bonus you can get increased 10 times. Multiple increases every 0.5 times. Apart from various bonuses, players are also entitled to get voucher codes. This bonus offer makes the Tahu Bulat Mod Apk game even more attractive.

  1. Recipe improvements

The most important factor in running a trading business, especially tofu is the recipe. The recipe in this modification game plays a very important role because it affects the sales level.

If you want to increase your selling power then you must be able to level up the round tofu recipe. It’s difficult when you have to level up the Round Tofu recipe. However, you don’t need to worry. If you play Tahu Bulat on the modified version.

This modified game has features that make it easier for players to increase the level of the Round Tofu recipe. You can see what recipes are worth trying.

  1. Upgrade Items

In order to increase the level, the items in the Tofu game must be upgraded. Upgrading items is not too difficult, if you use the modified version of Tahu Bulat.

With this modified version, it is able to provide the opportunity for players to be able to upgrade all items for free. The method is just one click.

  1. Ease of Promotion

Promotion is the most appropriate step for the success of a business. The more and more extensive the promotion is carried out, the more people will get to know it.

That way, you must be able to take advantage of the promotional features in order to increase the number of round Tofu sales. In the original version of the game, players have to pay a certain amount of money when they want to promote.

But if you play Tahu Bulat in the modified version, of course you can do as many promotional steps as possible. Even players can do it at will without having to pay.

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