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Using the VideoShow Pro Apk application, you can be sure that the results will be good and look professional. In this technological era, many people want to use the best video editing application. The reason is so that you can show it off through social media.

Thanks to the Pro version of the video show, it helps smartphone users to edit videos as desired. Video is indeed the type of content that social media users are most interested in. For that you have to create a creative and interesting video.

VideoShow Pro features

The Pro version of the Video Show application is a video editor application with super complete features. So that it can make the video quality more guaranteed and have HD quality. Basically this video is a paid application with a higher price.

Even on the Google Play Store, the Pro version of the Video Show application is priced at IDR 279,000. But take it easy, it turns out that you can get this application for free. Even users can also take advantage of every available feature without having to pay for it.

  1. Zoom feature

The Pro version of the video show has a zoom in and zoom out feature. The purpose of this feature is so that the audience can focus on points that are considered important. Using this feature is very easy, just by pinching the screen.

  1. Compress Video

The next feature of this video is its ability to reduce the size of the video that is owned by the application. With this video compress feature, users save more storage space on the smartphone used.

  1. Video Reverse

Reverse video is the most sought-after feature for video editors. With this feature, it can make the video appear to be walking backwards from the real thing.

The use of the reverse video feature is what makes the video more interesting. Even users can make edits according to the scenario or story they want.

  1. GIF Maker Feature

Gifs are moving images that can be made easily through the VideoShow Pro application. You as a user of this application are free to create Gif content. The trick is to simply use the photo you want.

  1. Free from Ads

The next feature that you will experience when using the Pro version of the video show is that it is free from advertisements. All video editors are guaranteed not to want the presence of advertisements, because they are very annoying.

Moreover, when editing a video an ad suddenly appears, of course it is very annoying, right? But take it easy that you can use the removing ad feature to be more focused when editing videos.

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