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Sometimes we want to use two WhatsApp on one cellphone. Maybe to separate a personal account with a business account or something. Now you don’t need to be difficult anymore. You can use the Whatsapp Clone only.

What is Whatsapp Clone?

Whatsapp Clone or WA Clone is one of the whatsapp mods that has a feature of changing the package name of the wa application, so that we can use two WA numbers or even more in the same smartphone.

In general, the features of the WhatsApp clone are not much different from the features in the original WA. We don’t think this is a problem, because what we want is more about using a lot of WA in one smartphone, not the features.

Advantages and Features of the Latest Whatsapp Clone

The features in the clone wa application are not as many as the features in other mod applications. For example, on whatsapp aero, whatsapp plus, GBwhatsapp, or OG whatsapp. However, this application also has several advantages.

There are several features and advantages of this WhatsApp clone, including the following:

  1. Direct Chat feature

With the direct chat feature, you can chat to other numbers that are not in our contacts. So you don’t need to save first to contacts to be able to chat via WA.

How to use it is quite easy;

install wa clone.
once installed, open the wa clone application then select the Direct chat menu.
enter the chat destination number, then click the whatsappp direct chat button.
The chat window will open, and you can start sending messages as usual.

  1. Whatsapp Clone feature
    The whatsapp clone feature allows you to clone WA numbers from one cellphone to another. The advantage is, you don’t need to log out of another cellphone to be able to send messages.

How to use the whatsapp clone feature is also quite easy:

open the whatsapp clone application on the cellphone that you want to use wa cloning.
select the WA CLONE menu.
then open (tap) the QR code in the WhatsApp account on your cellphone.
This QR code can be seen in the settings menu, on the right side of your profile name.
now point the scanner / scanner qr code from the whatsapp clone to the QR code in your wa application.
wait for it to finish / succeed.

  1. Save Photos And Videos From Story
    Another ability of this whatsapp mod is that it can save photos and videos from story wa easily.

Pretty useful too, when we see interesting videos or photos that our wa contacts share. We can just save it to the cellphone quickly.

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