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Applications for watching videos are now mostly developed by well-known developers, currently the application for watching the best and famous videos is WeTV Apk.

Watching cinema films or Korean films is very fun, and can fill your spare time.

Because what we know is that a pandemic is currently sweeping the entire world, the activities that are usually carried out now have stopped.

Starting from school, work, selling, everything has been limited, and must be kept at home to be safe from disease transmission.

So that time activities at home are more than activities outside the home, and this makes many people bored and confused about what to do.

So most people who take the initiative to watch movies but want cinema films, therefore we highly recommend that you use WeTV Apk Mod.

If you use the original version of this application you will find advertisements that are very annoying and you will not get VIP access.

VIP access is that you can watch movies that are still locked, to open them you must access as a VIP user by paying.

WeTV Application Review

WeTV is an application and platform that we can use to watch various types of films from various countries.

For those who are women, it seems like they really like this one application, because it contains the latest and most popular Drakor films.

This application is made by a developer from China called Image Future. Because the appearance of this application is very attractive, it makes its users feel at home for a long time in this application.

In addition to its simple appearance and navigation that is very easy for users to access.

This application also has quite a lot of features, so that we can activate the features we want.

To find out what features are in this application, you can see the explanation below.

WeTV Apk Application Features

This application has some cool features that you can get which include the following.

Many Korean Movies

Drakor is now still a film that many women like, because the actors and the plot of the film make the audience baper.

In this application you can also find some of the most popular and exciting Drakor films for you to watch.

There is Anime

In addition to Drakor, the developer has also provided films for wibu, namely anime that has the best romance genre, the best action and so on.

There are subtitles

If you are watching a foreign film and don’t understand what the language is, don’t bother because this application has provided the subtitles.

No Ads

Because this application has been modified by a 3rd party so that the ads that often interfere with us while watching have been removed.

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