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Given that the WhatsApp application is the best-selling application for chatting, WhatsApp Delta is one of the WA Mod variants that are currently popular.

We can also see this from the number of WhatsApp Delta installs that have reached tens of millions of users around the world.

In addition, many people may feel familiar when they hear the name WhatsApp Delta application. Because, this application does have a lot of users, especially in Indonesia.

The reason why this application is chosen compared to the original WhatsApp application is of course because of the features available.

This application provides a variety of features that will make users more free when playing WhatsApp as an application to communicate.

WhatsApp Delta is also very much compared to GB WhatsApp as its rival. Because, the two WhatsApp Mod applications are the mainstay chat applications when you want to have two WhatsApp applications on one cellphone.

Even though there are many display features that have been provided, WhatsApp Delta can actually be used at no cost. You can customize various display features according to your needs and desires.

What is WhatsApp Delta?

Whatsapp Delta is a variant of the chat application for cellphones that has been modified by a third party or also known as the Whatsapp Mod application.

So that we can conclude this chat application is not official or not an original development application from WhatsApp.

Because this application is made by a third party and every application update is also not available on the Playstore platform.

Even though it is not a native application from Whatsapp.

However, the Whatsapp Delta application works almost exactly the same as the official application.

The difference is that it only lies in the features section, in the delta version there are additional features that are not available on the original Whatsapp application.

There are various limited features, this is the reason many people decide to switch to using this whatsapp modification application.

There is a display of special features which are certainly not officially available on the Whatsapp application developer.

Steps like this are taken to be able to maintain privacy by users personally and also from some of these things that are also a consideration.

However, because it maintains privacy, the whatsapp developer does not provide features like whatsapp mods in general.

WhatsApp Delta features

There are various excellent features in the WhatsApp Delta application that make many people want to have the application compared to other application variants of WhatsApp Mod.

This is not without reason, because Whatsapp Delta has different mod features from other mod applications, the 0 features are as follows.

  1. Can Send Multiple Images

The original version of WhatsApp certainly applies to the system so that it can only send an image with a maximum number of up to 30 images.

But with you using the WhatsApp Delta application, you can send a large number of pictures without any restrictions, so your work will feel easier.

If you have more than 100 images to send, it’s hard to just have 30 pictures and then repeat them again.

By using the Delta version, you will be free to chat.

  1. Long Video Status or Story

Of course, you already know that the regular version of WhatsApp can only create a video status for a maximum of 30 seconds.

However, by using this delta version, you will be able to make videos reach more than 30 seconds, which is up to 5 minutes.

This of course will make it easier for those of you who want to make video status more than 30 seconds.

  1. WhatsApp theme

If you use the regular version of the Whatsapp application, you will definitely only have that theme – that’s all.

This is sure to bore you with the look of the theme – that’s all.

If you are bored with that theme – that’s all, then you can switch to using the Delta version, because this application provides a variety of epic themes that you can apply to your WhatsApp display.

There are more than 1000 themes contained in this mod application, so you won’t get bored using it.

  1. Automatic Chat Reply

This feature is usually used by WhatsApp application users for business purposes.

With the automatic reply message feature, you can answer every message or chat that enters your WhatsApp delta application without the need to type manually.

So you no longer need to use WhatsApp business for your business, so you will save your cellphone memory.

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